3 Reasons Quickbooks Users Make the Switch to Acctvantage ERP

3 Reasons Quickbooks Users Make the Switch to Acctvantage ERP

3 Reasons Quickbooks Users Make the Switch to Acctvantage ERP

Lots of small businesses start out with QuickBooks (QB) as their bookkeeping software. It’s at a reasonable price for new enterprises, and delivers enough features to get you off the ground.

But QuickBooks isn’t a permanent solution. Eventually it will hold you back because it isn’t designed to grow with you.

There are 3 common reasons why new AcctVantage ERP users tell us they’re leaving QuickBooks behind.


1. Integrating Warehouse Operations

The most common reason QB users make the switch to AcctVantage ERP is to incorporate Warehouse Management with the rest of the company.

Simply put, QB doesn’t have native inventory/warehouse systems to support distribution and manufacturing. Because of this, many QB users find themselves creating spreadsheet systems, or using disconnected third party tools to manage their stock and production.

AcctVantage ERP incorporates inventory tracking, forecasting and production tools that seamlessly integrate with accounting, purchasing, and sales operations.

No more telling a client “hold on, let me bring up my spreadsheet” to answer simple stock availability questions. And no more surprises in purchasing when stock runs out unexpectedly.


2. Flexibility vs. Constraints

If your company has to conform to your software, and not the other way around, you’ve probably grown beyond what QuickBooks can help you do.

Veteran AcctVantage ERP users will tell you that our biggest strength is flexibility and creative problem solving. Yes, the system is robust and feature rich right from the start. But every company is different and every company needs to find their best processes.

AcctVantage ERP has a unique ability to bend its processes to your will, to incorporate logic and workflows that make sense to you. The system is highly customizable and configurable to meet you where you are and where you’re going.

We do this through a powerful macro ‘scripting’ process that lets us deliver custom software without the traditional cost and overhead of ‘home grown’ applications. Ask our current clients about this. It’s truly a unique and effective way to gain an edge without being left on an island.


3. Fragile Systems

We often hear QB users tell us “QB is great for accounting, but my inventory is in spreadsheets, purchasing is a mess and who the heck knows what my sales people are doing.”

When businesses are young and small enough to have the owner/manager intimately hands-on in every operation, this can work. Someone knows what’s going and can – mostly – see the big picture. But as you grow, that someone gets pulled in too many directions.

You get to a point where your operation feels like a house of cards, one stiff breeze away from collapsing under its own weight. And taking a sizable chunk of your business with it.

AcctVantage ERP is truly “Enterprise Software for Small Business”. What that means is that your critical operations are all connected in a single system. Back office accounting, sales, inventory, production, purchasing… it’s all truly connected and working together.

You may even get that ‘day off’ you hear so much about.


The Complete ERP Solution for Growing Companies

If any of those signs feel familiar to you, you’re not alone. Outgrowing your accounting or bookkeeping software is a common occurrence for growing companies.

If you’ve outgrown your entry-level software and want more visibility across your entire business, that’s where we come in. To find out how you can use AcctVantage ERP to optimize your business, click here to get in touch with us.

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