Moline Bearing: How AcctVantage ERP Radically Adapts To The Needs of Growing Companies

Moline Bearing is a Midwest-based manufacturer of mounted bearings. They were founded in 1982 and serve thousands of customers nationwide, mostly in B2B. By the time they discovered Acctvantage, they had been through the whole gamut of other solutions. Andrea Descoteaux--the vice president--and David Fauntleroy--the president--recently walked us through the ...
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Hamilton Engineering: All The Info You Need At Your Fingertips

From Scattered Note Cards And Cheap Accounting Software To Complete Internal Data Visibility Hamilton Engineering designs and builds made-to-order water heating systems and the like for businesses with unique needs. It started as a pretty small operation, “back in the day,” and until 1994, they handled their accounting, inventory, and ...
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How Steve Spangler Science Used AcctVantage ERP to Streamline Shipping, Reduce Overhead, Increase Sales… and Happily Sell The Business

If you’ve seen a science-magic demo on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, then you’ve most likely seen Steve Spangler. His engaging performances and keen business sense built Steve Spangler Science into a company that makes science fun and engaging for all ages. But keeping track of inventory and customer orders became ...
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AcctVantage - What is ERP?

What is ERP anyway?

What the heck is an errrrp, and how do I know if I need one? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is the term MBA types use when referring to “all-in-one” business management software systems. ERP systems integrate back office, sales, operations, inventory, purchasing, financials and more in a single system. ...
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ERP Software for Mac | A Clear-Eyed Guide to Mac OS X’s Actual Security Risks

[Crossposted from CIO] Actual Security Risks | ERP Software for Mac Related to ERP Software for Mac: Apple's Mac computers and its OS X operating system have enjoyed a reputation of being relatively secure over the years. But in fact, experts say, the Apple OS has had security issues that ...
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Growing too fast for your accounting or inventory management software? [updated]

inventory management software Q&A Growing Too Fast? We get many of our new business calls from ordinary small business owners. They wake up one day to find their sales are coming in thick, fast, and out of control. We know the situation well. Its when off-the-shelf inventory management software starts ...
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Are there any good Mac ERP Systems?

A recent article in the International Business Times tells us that more and more “IT decision makers and businesses prefer the Mac OS over Windows”. As a result, IT managers are being called on to find suitable Mac ERP systems to run their operations. The catch? Historically speaking, there's just ...
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The rising in demand for mac accounting software

It is no secret that Macs are a minority in business, but the speed at which Apple has taken bites of market share each year is a force to be reckoned with. When we talk with business owners who are searching for mac accounting software (and other secure inventory and ...
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