From Scattered Note Cards And Cheap Accounting Software To Complete Internal Data Visibility

Hamilton Engineering designs and builds made-to-order water heating systems and the like for businesses with unique needs.

It started as a pretty small operation, “back in the day,” and until 1994, they handled their accounting, inventory, and manufacturing the way most growing small businesses do… they just cobbled something together.

At first, they did their accounting manually on a paper ledger. Eventually, they graduated to a cheap, minimal accounting software. But it never really worked for them.

Even after their accounting went digital, they still tracked their inventory with physical note cards.

Jeff Deal, the owner/founder/president, knew something had to change.


How Hamilton Engineering Brought It All Together

As Jeff tells it, Hamilton Engineering’s biggest problem was internal data visibility.

See, the thing is that Hamilton Engineering doesn’t install their products “out of the box.”

Each job is custom because every client has different needs. Some parts are entirely custom-tooled for one client. Absolutely nothing ever gets hooked up the same way twice.

So when a client called for plumbing help, somebody at Hamilton Engineering would have to physically dig that client’s records out of a box or filing cabinet before they could start doing anything productive.

That meant long wait times for clients and a lot of tedious work for Jeff’s employees.

But then, they tried AcctVantage ERP.

Now, as soon as a client calls Hamilton Engineering, the staff can see an overview of that client’s history with a few clicks.

Even better, any necessary records, documents, or technical drawings are directly cross-linked to the client’s file and easily available on demand.

No delays, no fuss. To quote Jeff directly, “The info is truly at my fingertips, all the data you need without having to make someone wait while you find stuff.”


Successfully Grew and Grew Until They Got Bought Out

Before AcctVantage ERP, Hamilton Engineering was a mess… a beautiful mess, to be sure, but still… With AcctVantage ERP, they helped their clients and attracted new ones until they were big enough to catch some welcome attention.

In 2018, Jeff sold Hamilton Engineering to a fifth-generation family-owned business. He says that they couldn’t have grown like that without AcctVantage ERP.

To find out how you can use AcctVantage ERP to optimize your business, click here to get in touch with us.

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