How an Art Business Delivers Like a Big Company, Without Sacrificing Excellence

Metro Frame is a manufacturer of contemporary, high-end hardwood frames for the fine art market.

They sell to artists, galleries, and museums nationwide, including the National Gallery, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Getty.

They’ve been doing this for so long that their first software package ran on a laptop with a built-in CRT monitor that still had the nerve to call itself “portable.”

The first time they tried to implement a synchronized system across multiple locations, it was a complete disaster that cost them thousands of dollars and no small amount of sleep.

Karen and Les Desnick, the co-owners of Metropolitan Picture Framing, needed software and a software provider that could deliver. Plain and simple.


They’re Art Nerds, Not Computer Nerds, So That’s Where AcctVantage Comes In


Let’s be real here, Karen and Les are people who make a living custom-making hardwood frames from scratch.

They use a combination of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and artisan tools and techniques. They pride themselves on maintaining the highest standards of old-world craftsmanship, combined with modern equipment and processes. The best of both worlds!

But they’ll be the first to tell you that they’re not exactly computer nerds. They needed a software system that worked consistently and customer service that would actively help them when a new need arose.

They have plenty of horror stories from software providers that they used in the past. Their experience runs the gamut from being forgotten about to being yelled at. (Not a great customer service strategy.)

Needless to say, AcctVantage ERP was a welcome change for them.

AcctVantage ERP has the flexibility they need to track their made-to-order jobs, but it’s still easy to learn and use.

AcctVantage ERP’s integrations let Karen and Les seamlessly track every aspect of their business in one place, and the engaged customer service helps them address any new needs they develop.


So Efficient They Deliver Like A Big Company


Les says that most of Metro Frame’s customers usually think that they’re a lot bigger than they actually are because, with AcctVantage, they deliver top quality products, done right, and on time.

When we asked Karen if she knew of any other software that could meet her business’ needs, she just said, “Maybe there’s another company out there, but I’m not looking for them.”

To find out how you can use AcctVantage ERP to optimize your business, click here to get in touch with us.


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