Moline Bearing: How AcctVantage ERP Radically Adapts To The Needs of Growing Companies

Moline Bearing is a Midwest-based manufacturer of mounted bearings. They were founded in 1982 and serve thousands of customers nationwide, mostly in B2B.

By the time they discovered Acctvantage, they had been through the whole gamut of other solutions.

Andrea Descoteaux–the vice president–and David Fauntleroy–the president–recently walked us through the options they tried in the past and why none of them worked until AcctVantage ERP.

Straining Against The Inflexible Limits Of Every System They Tried

Being an all Mac company, Moline Bearing started out with Mac P/L as their accounting software.

Mac P/L was a pretty effective (if simple) program that isn’t around anymore. It was good enough to get Moline off the ground, but they pretty quickly found that it wasn’t flexible enough for the long haul.

They moved on to an Accountek product, but it was too limited as well.

Next up was PIMS by ExecUtron. (Don’t ask David about PIMS by ExecUtron. He still gets worked up about it if you get him going.)

To this day, no one knows what exactly went wrong, but some update by ExecUtron left Moline Bearing’s computers crashing once every half hour or so.

It got so bad that they were keeping paper backups of all of their data so that they could re-enter it all after every crash.

Eventually, they switched to xTuple when that company was still young, and that worked for a while.

But it seemed that  xTuple started marketing itself to bigger clients, leaving David and Andrea feeling like the company abandoned the small business-focused features that they loved in order to make way for whatever the big corporations wanted. And that just didn’t work for Moline.

In the end, Moline Bearing just found themselves straining against the inflexible limits of every system they tried.

David could talk for hours about all the features he’s added to Moline Bearing’s AcctVantage ERP system through scripting. He could talk even longer about all the features he thought about adding before he realized AcctVantage had beaten him to it.

Are There Any Limits?

Since switching to AcctVantage ERP, Moline Bearing has doubled in size with the same number of staff members.

We asked Andrea if she thought they could keep growing at that pace with AcctVantage ERP, and she said, “I don’t think we’ve come close to bumping up against AcctVantage’s limits. And quite frankly I wonder, ‘Are there any?’”

Andrea got right to the point when she said, “All the other systems wanted us to adapt to fit THEIR needs, but AcctVantage ERP adapts to fit the way WE work.” And for Moline Bearing, that has made all the difference in the world.

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