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Surviving Technology Decision-Making Adolescence (for SMEs)

Caught In Decision-Making "Adolescence"? Should I pay a consultant to fix the financial accounting software I have, or invest in something different? Starting a business is challenging, but actually growing the business through its first 5-6 years is the true grit-work of entrepreneurship. Its a time when the founders must ...
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3 Reasons to Stop Using Excel For Inventory

After 27 years in business, it never ceases to surprise us how many companies are managing their inventory in Excel (using inventory spreadsheets). The fact they are using spreadsheets doesn't surprise us... small businesses with simple manufacturing or distribution needs can do quite well and save a fortune with OTS ...
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Businesses switching to Mac in large numbers?

Are businesses switching to Mac in large numbers? Looking at OS detection data for the top 50 cloud-based business apps, the data suggest YES. But how large are the numbers? We agree with the in-crowd: Apple makes a better business machine than any PC available on the market. But 10 ...
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AcctVantage 2015 Ready For Download

AcctVantage 2015 Is Here! If you are looking for personal finance software for Mac, please contact us. Just in time for the new year, AcctVantage ERP 2015 is available for download. This major upgrade is free for all Customer Care Program members. Full release notes can be found here. Download Installers ...
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Why are so many business owners psychopaths?

New research published in Science Daily suggests that, while one percent of the population meets the criteria for psychopathy, an amazing three percent of business managers meet the same criteria. While the term “psychopath” is thrown around quite loosely by the media today, the fact is that there are different ...
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The Skinny: ERP for Small Businesses

ERP for Small Business If you are reading this, you probably work with, in, or own a small business. Not too small, but small enough that you don't have a quarter-million to spend on consultants and big data software products that require 6 months to implement. Because ERP started very ...
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Why the Apple/IBM deal could be big for ERP

The hive is buzzing. This week Apple and IBM announced a deal that, while the details are undisclosed, will certainly involve the two giants collaborating "to build enterprise apps designed exclusively for iPhones and iPads.." All commentary about design and how Steve wouldn't have ever allowed it ASIDE, it’s a huge deal. It ...
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This month only: save 30% on training

It's summer time and the training is easy! For many of our users, summer time means slower days at the office with time to spend on planning and process improvement. Why not take advantage of the break with some AcctVantage ERP training or process consulting? Through the end of July, ...
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Importing XLS files just got easier

We are very pleased to announce the all new Import Wizard feature! The Import Wizard allows for import of XLS files directly into AcctVantage. With this tool you can create and/or update records for a number of supported tables. We've made it easy to map your import file to matching ...
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Speed up your ERP implementation

Why does ERP Implementation take so long? Implementing an Enterprise level business management system is typically a time consuming and challenging task for smaller companies (and larger ones, but that's another article completely!). Because of the complexity, many smaller companies choose not to implement ERP, or, put it off indefinitely. ...
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