The Real Cost of Open Source ERP (part 2)

open source erp

open source erp

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Small to medium business enterprises who do not know about ERP should take a look at the comparison this article series offers regarding open source ERP and proprietary ERP. It is important to note that for many companies open source ERP software is the perfect fit, there are many companies that not only know ERP but relish the ability to adjust their ERP software themselves or through a consultant of their choosing. The purpose of this article set is not to dissuade those already familiar with ERP or set on open source ERP software but to inform those small and medium enterprises new to ERP about their various options.

Proprietary ERP is Customized Specifically for Your Business

When your business purchases AcctVantage ERP, you go through a comprehensive evaluation of your business systems with a qualified specialist.  This process takes hours of your time, with an open source ERP solution customization is an ongoing process that is constantly reevaluated. AcctVantage experts are trained to ask the perfect questions to tailor the software to your individual company’s needs. They do this every day. The developers then customize the software over the next few weeks as well as train your team on its functionality and use; what you receive in the end is a system that is instantly deployable and functions on a level that is perfect for your business. It is meant to last and the support is unparalleled.

ERP Systems Should Support your Business for Many Years

Nobody wants to make a substantial investment in their business systems that will not last for many years. A proprietary ERP system will be ready to last from the first day of implementation, while an open source ERP system will require continuous adaptation as you find the particular modules that work and do not work for your business needs. In order to ensure that proprietary ERP solutions remain relevant to your business, a subscription support service is highly recommended by all ERP providers. This allows you to change and adapt your business without your ERP system becoming useless or broken. With open source ERP, you may find that you need support subscriptions with each module developer. With proprietary ERP, you will require just one point of contact for all of your support needs.

AcctVantage’s support is unparalleled. You will speak with a human developer every time who is capable of handling your request the first time and every time you call. If your business changes, updates and modifications to your ERP system are included in a subscription to Acctvantage’s Customer Care Program and will always rapidly deployed.

ERP systems are a costly investment. Choosing whether to go with open source or proprietary systems is a decision that should not be taken lightly. A business owner, CTO or COO tasked with the implementation of an ERP system should ask themselves the following before deciding on a solution:

  1. What are the specific ERP functions you require given your particular business systems?
  2. Do you have the in-house talent to implement and customize an open source ERP system?

We encourage you to give us a call to discuss your business and find out if AcctVantage ERP is right for you. Don’t worry, if it’s not, we’ll say so.

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