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In today’s world of fast-fulfillment demand, mobile access, complex supply chains, and often scattered facilities to manage, businesses are catching on that inefficient inventory software and systems can shave multiple digits off of your bottom line.

Here are five common inventory headaches that AcctVantage ERP solves in a heartbeat…


AcctVantage ERP supports an unlimited number of physical and virtual warehouses.

Do you take title to goods in Thailand but can’t sell until they hit your location in Topeka? No worries. Create an “In Transit” warehouse for goods that need to be on your books but separated from sellable stock.

Need to separate stock on a service truck, or a client site from stock in your main warehouse? Create a warehouse for each truck, another for your main location and even another for overstock.

With our multi-warehouse features you can keep track of units and value by warehouse for seamless fulfillment and accounting.

Lot & Serial Traceability

Four mouse clicks. That’s what it takes to produce a list of every client that received a unit from a selected Lot of inventory.

If your product is sensitive in any way, you’ll want to keep an audit of product source, use in production and final delivery to the end user. AcctVantage provides complete traceability for goods from the moment you enter it until it leaves your shop either in Lot units or individual Serial Numbers.

Demand Forecasting & Planning

So, a customer needs delivery by the 15th, eh? Think you can do it? AcctVantage will let you know if you can before the customer is off the phone.

We take everything to do with inventory – PO ETA, Sales forecasts, production schedules, other commitments – and calculate a forward looking, week by week, product availability forecast. If you’re going to be short, we’ll help you automate production or issue POs to meet the demand.

In short, you’ll be able to confidently tell the client when they can expect delivery without waving your finger in the air.

Flexible, Multi-Level Bill of Materials

Production couldn’t be easier than it is with AcctVantage. Our production system allows for sub-assembly builds and on-the-fly changes to BOM for one-off production runs. Along the way we properly account for the costs of materials, labor, overhead, supplies, etc. from raw materials through WIP and final completion.

Complete Integration

Tired of your sales people wandering around the warehouse seeing if stuff is in stock? Spending evenings updating your accounting with new inventory values? Sounds painful to us too.

AcctVantage integrates the inventory activity with sales, purchasing, accounting and reporting for an all-in-one ERP approach to small business software.

Got inventory troubles? Our clients DON’T! Spend just 10 minutes on the phone with one of our Accounting Specialists and you’ll know if AcctVantage ERP is the right fit for your business.

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