How #ERP Transforms Small Apparel Companies


inventory management for apparel

If you are growing an apparel business, you’ve got it already: to succeed you have to manage continuously changing fashions and designs, assortments of all kinds, waste, size variation assembly, backstocking, the works. Inventory management for apparel businesses of all kinds is a big challenge. As the number of designs or products increases, the inventory management becomes more critical and complex.

Stories come in from all over, especially from retail operations that grow and find themselves incapable of effectively handling multi-location retail business. The resulting information silos and surprise stock overages quickly compound, giving rise to the need for new software (or systems).

Apparel manufacturers and retail operations, whether combined or disintegrated, are generally given three software options when it comes to inventory management:

  1. Cookie cutter, off-the-shelf programs that might suit all your needs,

  2. Mainstream inventory systems that take months + $10-50K to implement

  3. Customizable programs that are designed for small and medium enterprises

Perhaps you are a business owner with a growing apparel operation. It has likely already come to your attention that inventory management is of the utmost importance if you are to make it in the fashion industry. But most apparel businesses run on Mac, or are heavily reliant upon Apple products and networks, while most off-the-shelf inventory management for apparel programs are designed through and through for PC.

As any manufacturer or distributor of attire knows, tracking sizes, different fabrics, supplies and all that goes into the production, distribution and sale of apparel can be a nightmare. Add to that, multiple vendors, warehouses or production processes, and suddenly what was a manageable and fun business becomes a logistics nightmare. The business owner’s time is pulled away from the fun stuff into managing business processes that could be automated.

The key to selecting the right software for your apparel business is to liberate your thinking from inventory and look at the whole picture. AcctVantage supports a variety of apparel businesses, so we’ve seen what happens when they are configured to cover all bases: accounting, sales, manufacturing and inventory management all in one.

Lets face it: Businesses that run on Macs have limited software options when it comes to custom-configured ERP accounting software. AcctVantage surely isn’t for everyone, but for the right fit (inventory-centric SME’s that use Apple networks and standardize on OS X), we make dreams come true. Contact us for an evaluation to see if AcctVantageDRIVE or AcctVantageERP are right for you.

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