Importing XLS files just got easier

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We are very pleased to announce the all new Import Wizard feature!

The Import Wizard allows for import of XLS files directly into AcctVantage. With this tool you can create and/or update records for a number of supported tables. We’ve made it easy to map your import file to matching fields in the system. We’ve also indicated which fields are required and which fields need special consideration.

AcctVantage Import Wizard from AcctVantage ERP on Vimeo.

Each table allows for import of new records in the database. As records are created, AcctVantage will validate the data, ensure that all required fields are included and report back to you if there are any problems. A log file is created containing any rejected records. Simply correct the mistakes and re-import the rejected records directly from the error log file.

Some tables have an Update Existing Records option. When using this option, the system will attempt to match records based on the chosen key “lookup” field. If a matching record is found in AcctVantage, the data on your import file will overwrite/update the existing record. If no match is found, a new record will be created.

For more information and detailed instructions, please follow this link for the on-line manual.

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