Growing too fast for your inventory software?

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Growing too fast for your software?

Almost every day we get calls from small business owners who wake up to sales that are coming in fast and out of control. They are calling US because their off-the-shelf accounting or bookkeeping software has started to cause more problems than it can solve. In most cases, its because the accounting software they use doesn’t provide enough integration and customization of its inventory management or ERP modules to suit their growth.

Growing insanely fast sounds like a dream come true for any entrepreneur, but anyone who has been there knows that this kind of growth can be dangerous. Any growing business must have a steady flow of funds in order to carry out the bottom line. It needs human and material resources that it can predict and afford in order to keep up with that growth. Here are a few signs that your business is growing too fast for its own good…

  1. You are borrowing money just to keep up with daily operations.
  2. The cost of adapting/keeping up is narrowing or even reversing your profit margin.
  3. Your staff is so busy that they can’t train/support/onboard new staff, creating collusion.
  4. Customers are complaining in large numbers and you lack the resources to address those complaints.
  5. Your accounting costs are soaring because your bookkeeping software or accounting system can’t patch the holes fast enough (this is especially true for businesses with inefficient inventory management software for Mac)

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