Surviving Technology Decision-Making Adolescence (for SMEs)

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Financial accounting software for mac since 1987: AcctVantage ERP

Caught In Decision-Making “Adolescence”?

Financial accounting software for mac since 1987: AcctVantage ERPFinancial accounting software for mac since 1987: AcctVantage ERP

Should I pay a consultant to fix the financial accounting software I have, or invest in something different?

Starting a business is challenging, but actually growing the business through its first 5-6 years is the true grit-work of entrepreneurship. Its a time when the founders must learn to make decisions that in most cases, they never considered they might run into. Perhaps the most dubious issue faced by small business owners is technology decision-making.

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In Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2011 reader survey, technology and equipment purchases ranked the most contentious issues that cost time and money.

According to the NSBA’s 2013 Technology Survey, the average small business owner spends 26% of their decision-making time researching and hiring consultants to “overcome knowledge gaps and deficiencies.”

Here are  technology purchases, ranked according to the degree of difficulty businesses owners reported facing:

  1. Financial Accounting Software For Mac

  2. Research & Analytics Software For Mac

  3. Inventory & Warehouse Management Systems For Mac

  4. Networking, Security & Standard Operating Software

  5. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software For Mac

We couldn’t help but notice that  3 out of 5 of these purchases are the central powerhouse functions AcctVantage ERP (Accounting, CRM and Inventory Management). Especially where Accounting and Inventory Management are concerned, most small business owners simply don’t have the knowledge that is needed to make the best decision. 7 times out of 10, they turn to consultants to make what they have work, or to identify a new solution. But this creates challenges, as most consultants who broker financial accounting software for Mac are receiving commissions from the companies that make the software.

And that’s where AcctVantage comes in. We’ve provided stable financial software for Mac and PC since 1987, always with an integrated consulting model that guarantees our software would work for our customers – every time. Especially for inventory-heavy small businesses that run on Mac, our Accounting Specialists are a goldmine of knowledge and perspective.

We may not have much advice to give on configuring your network or choosing the right analytical software, but when it comes to choosing the best accounting software for managing inventory, sales & CRM, we’ve got you covered with AcctVantage ERP.

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inventory and accounting software | AcctVantage ERP

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