ERP Software For Small Business Guide | Part 3: Choosing Software

ERP for small business guide

The Small Business Guide To ERP Software Shopping

In this 5-Part Series, we’ll cover the topics that, if ignored, tend to cause the most hiccups in your small business ERP implementation:

  1. Know Your Culture
  2. Consultants and Guides
  3. Choosing Software
  4. Features You Need
  5. Implementation Timing

Part 3: Choosing Software

No single ERP software for small business is made for everyone, so we’ve created this outline of important things to consider. ERP software for small business aims to manage and integrate different business processes across functions and departments to create a holistic synergistic association within the organization. However, given the intricate nature of the system, it is often difficult to fully integrate into one software application, and this is where your ERP investment is at risk.

Just like other MIS systems, it is important for you to select the right ERP system for your business while keeping your organizational culture in view. This ensures that your employees will be enthusiastic about the change and eager to use the newly-sought ERP system. Here are a few tips you can use to optimize your ERP system integration.

Pick Up Your Pen!

Relax; it’s not about writing an essay for school! Instead, you need to pen down an elaborate checklist, which talks about what your organizational needs are and how you can tackle them proficiently. Consider your organizational culture to fine-tune your checklist with what your employees will feel comfortable using.

Evaluate Customer Support And The Cost of Consultants

AcctVantage has a brand for customer support, but we hear that this isn’t true for the rest of the market. When you call for support, or advice on how to configure a new process, are you getting bounced to some call center in another country? Does the person on the phone understand the software or are they navigating their own FAQ software as you ask questions? Our advice is to never invest in an ERP system that doesn’t come with mind-blowing, comprehensive customer and technical support.

Think In Terms Of Custom Data Connections

Every business has unique needs. You need a perfectly-tailored ERP software for small business in order for your organization in order to benefit from the numerous benefits it has to offer. Invest in the customization of your ERP system – it helps create acceptability within the organization as well.

Watch Out For Dumb Features That Look Cool

Do you really need intense graphic support? Do you think the functionality of your ERP system will suffer if you trim it down as per your needs? Reason well and retain those features that are absolute must-haves. It will help you cut down your costs and improve your operational efficiencies as well.

Watch out for part 4 in this series: Your Small Business ERP Features Checklist!

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