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erp for small business software

ERP for Small Business

erp for small business software

If you are reading this, you probably work with, in, or own a small business. Not too small, but small enough that you don’t have a quarter-million to spend on consultants and big data software products that require 6 months to implement. Because ERP started very much at the top of industry, accommodating large businesses with budgets and time constraints drastically different than your own, you may be wondering how an ERP for small business implementation is even possible.


Enter AcctVantage. We’ve been liberating manufacturing and/or distribution-heavy small businesses from off-the-shelf accounting software for over 25 years.

ERP accounting software companies have been tweaking their programs, accommodating small businesses more and more each year. But we’re built different. Instead of chasing after erp for small businesses with a Fortune 500 tailored application, AcctVantage ERP was built from the ground-up as a small business application, best suited for inventory-centric companies that run on Mac. Over the years our software became so popular that we re-built it to run on Windows, enabling us to offer the #1 solution for small-sized companies on the market today.

[Click here to read a case study: how one company got big while staying small by shifting from Quickbooks to AcctVantage ERP]

AcctVantage President, Tim Lau, says that small businesses who struggle to implement an ERP system are often making the mistake of viewing it as a software-only solution. “The software is what makes it all work, but the culture has to understand the big picture.”

What follows are a few of the often-missed, fundamental steps that every company should take when looking at ERP and its implementation. They might like wishy-washy at first, but paying attention to these three objectives will make a huge impact on your implementation.

1. Assure that leadership understands what ERP is and how it will benefit the business.

Ensuring that company leadership and executives are informed about ERP, and how a company is applying ERP, helps build excitement and understanding. This support and understanding is crucial as a business moves forward with ERP.

2. Set a realistic outlook for how ERP will affect your business.

ERP can vastly improve a business’ systems, but this complex integration of processes takes time to implement. There are many steps in the implementation process that must be taken with careful consideration. A company preparing for ERP should develop a function/purpose/priority list that lays out which functions are essential and sequentially ranks each function (to avoid backtracking).

3. Assure the implementation is overseen by a dedicated project leader or team.

Because of its sometimes daunting scope and nature, it is crucial for any company implementing AcctVantage or any other small business ERP system to identify a single project leader. That individual’s job is to become an expert on all things ERP and regularly brief and train colleagues as the process unfolds. Having strong leadership assures that the team is focused, efficient and adaptable.

Over the last 25+ years, we’ve guided countless businesses through this process. We’ve witnessed amazing cultural and capital transformations occur within short periods of time when businesses switch to AcctVantage ERP. Our customers who have experienced those breakthrough results often share that transitioning to ERP meant transitioning to a more data-driven decision making process, which in turn, transforms culture.

Who’s guiding your implementation?

You can hire an ERP consultant, or you can purchase AcctVantage ERP or AcctVantage DRIVE and be on your way within 2 days. Our trainers and accounting specialists bring much more to the table than just help with your implementation. They bring something very few consultants or ERP software gurus can offer: 25+ years of successful, ongoing, in-demand experience with businesses just like your own.

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