Businesses switching to Mac in large numbers?



Are businesses switching to Mac in large numbers?

Looking at OS detection data for the top 50 cloud-based business apps, the data suggest YES. But how large are the numbers?

We agree with the in-crowd: Apple makes a better business machine than any PC available on the market. But 10 years ago, Windows was still the gold standard for business. If you ran a company on Mac, it was probably a pretty darn small one.

But wait. Forrester Research, traditionally known to eschew the Mac-for-business argument, recently reversed course on its previous claim that the enterprise was no place for Macs. Today, Forrester is “advising businesses to prepare for the coming Mac invasion, as more employees call on their employers to let them use Macs on the job.”

22 percent of the companies surveyed have seen an increase in the use of employee-owned Macs. Yet, 41 percent of those firms don’t allow employees to access either their corporate network or email from Macs. Hmmm… looks like there are two ways to approach the equation.

  1. Companies that allow Macs on their networks

  2. Companies that build on or standardize on Mac

Item 2 we know well: you’re our customers! Especially for small businesses with heavy inventory that grew from tiny operations to scaled enterprises, AcctVantage has been the primary OS X-native ERP Accounting Software on the market for over 27 years.

For item 1, we’ve identified the following indicators which support Forrester’s research:

  1. Cloud is on the rise – Macs integrate incredibly well with most cloud solutions, and companies that build their data in the cloud don’t have to be as concerned with what device type is being used to access their networks.

  2. Printers, routers, hubs and access points – are finally being designed with more than just PCs in mind (thanks to the rise of the mobile market). The simple elimination of this costly technical support issue should soften enterprise resistance to non-PC devices.

  3. SQL Support Structure – After years of development, SQL is Mac-friendlier.

  4. Security – This one is obvious, although Macs do see their share of malware and corruptions.

  5. Legacy Software – Most companies are now delivering platform-agnostic software to meet the growing demand for mobile integration. This brings OS X into its most broad suite of available solutions ever. While legacy software is an issue, we all know what happens to legacy software over time…

Here’s an excellent article if you are considering a Mac implementation for your business.

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