Best Financial Software For Mac – How-To Choose

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The best financial software for mac won’t be found on google

AcctVantage relies on word of mouth and good business to gradually develop our customer base. There are many companies like ours, but you’d never know it if you rely on google to tell you what is out there. Here’s an example. Search engine queries for “best financial software for mac” lead mostly to products designed for PC, paid-for “reviews” sites, and ads that cost the company, like Intuit® or Accountedge®, up for $30 per click.

What’s needed is a more straightforward process for choosing the right software – one that is based on your actual business model:). Here are, for us, some of the top criteria to go by.

Think about employee training FIRST.

Develop your systems and physical processes early with employees in mind. The best financial software for mac will most likely fail because of human error. When preparing, think about employee training for your new financial accounting software, and think about it from the lens of an entire work-day. Consider ledgers, time-logging, knowledge sharing and tips for handling inventory when away from technology that will make it that must easier to manage. Most importantly, think MOBILITY and MULTIPLE LOCATIONS.

Understand Your Datasets AHEAD of time

Gather as much data as you possibly can about your inventory and its home. What goes on in your warehouse? You’d be surprised. Interview management and warehouse staff: find out what they like and don’t like in your inventory process. Very often, its your forklift operators you should listen to first before calling the ERP consultant.

User Design and Emotional Experience Matters More Than Logic

You need your inventory, accounting and overall business management software to be as user-friendly as possible. Don’t build an unnecessarily complex financial accounting system for employees who will be turned off. If your UI is a mess, or worse, its perfect yet overwhelming, your employees will likely cut corners.

Make sure it has the following features (like we do!):

Core Accounting

  • Multi-department
  • Multi-profit center
  • Strong audit trail


  • Ad hoc drag and drop
  • Access to all tables and fields
  • Forms editor
  • Integration with Excel
  • Easy export
  • User-definable reports
  • Incredibly strong audit trail
  • Great security: limit user access to information
  • Core Accounting: all the other operations feed directly into it
  • Integrated: no double entry or re-keying

General Ledger

  • Fully customizable Financial Statements
  • Chart of accounts
  • Batch and/or individual document Posting
  • External transaction import
  • Tax areas
  • Fully flexible fiscal period setup
  • Modifiable account number ranges
  • Deferred revenue sales
  • Recurring GL entries
  • Reversing GL entries
  • Budget data exchange

Accounts Payable

  • Vouchers
  • Disbursements
  • Payables management process
  • Check register
  • Check reconciliation
  • Vendors
  • On-screen AP aging
  • Voucher templates
  • Duplicate vouchers
  • Payroll integration

Accounts Receivable

  • Receipt entry
  • Integrated credit card authorization
  • Unlimited number of user-definable receipt types
  • Credit limit and sales terms management
  • Credit hold management
  • On-screen AR aging
  • AR call list

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