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Did your managed inventory just fall below your comfort zone?

That’s OK, AcctVantage will trigger a reorder to make sure you get restocked.

Did Sales let you know they have advance orders for delivery in 8 weeks?

No worries, our inventory management tools take into account your sales forecast, vendor lead times, historical sales, production schedules, etc. to help you understand where your inventory will be at any point in the future. We’ll even let you know when it’s time to push slow moving product.



We focus on companies that need manage their inventory more effectively and back that up with purpose-built sales, customer relationship and back office accounting features fully integrated in a single system.

With AcctVantage ERP’s Inventory Management Module, taking a customer’s order triggers a series of process to ensure fulfillment, without your staff rekeying data or details being lost in the shuffle. A sale can generate PO’s to your Vendor, production orders to the shop, and a pick ticket for the warehouse all in a single step. When everything is ready to go, just click a button to send the details to UPS, FedEx, USPS.

Inventory Management Elements

  1. Multi-warehouse

  2. Serial and lot number

  3. Materials Resource Planning: MRP

  4. Cost management/planning/forecasting

  5. Product and SKU management

  6. Inventory history drilldown

  7. Inventory Maintenance transactions

  8. Moving Average and FIFO costing

  9. Serial Numbers

  10. Price Breaks

  11. Reorder levels

  12. Product Aliases

  13. Inventory lots

  14. Physical Inventory import

  15. Turns

  16. Months on hand


  1. Integration with popular shipping systems

  2. Lot and serial number fulfillment

  3. Stock-level management

  4. Multiple warehouses

  5. Warehouse transfers

Job Tracking

  1. Revenue and cost analysis

  2. Reporting against budget for customer projects

  3. Multiple phase and task tracking

Deadline tracking

  1. Sales Document, Purchase Order and Inventory Maintenance links to jobs via respective screens

  2. Auto-linked sales documents, purchase orders and inventory maintenance transactions

  3. Labor import


  1. Dynamic re-order points

  2. Forward-looking inventory requirements analysis

  3. Purchase Orders


  1. Purchase analysis view

  2. Auto create purchase order from sales documents

  3. Purchase order templates

  4. Auto-purchase order

  5. Duplicate purchase orders

  6. Email purchase orders

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