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inventory and accounting software | AcctVantage ERP

Enterprise Software for Small Business

Our system was designed from the ground up to support inventory heavy operations in wholesale & distribution, light manufacturing and direct marketing.

Companies often come to us after having outgrown off-the-shelf software that doesn’t offer enough integration with other needs to effectively run the business. They may have inventory kept in spreadsheets, accounting in QuickBooks®, and sales staff off doing who knows what. All of this data is separated to the point where the right hand has no idea what the left is up to.

We focus on clients that need to manage their inventory more effectively and back that up with purpose-built sales, customer relationship and back office accounting features fully integrated into a single system.

Beautiful Process Flow

With AcctVantage, taking a customer’s order triggers a series of processes to ensure fulfillment, without your staff rekeying data or details being lost in the shuffle.

A sale can generate purchase orders to your vendor(s), production orders to the shop, and a pick ticket for any number of warehouses; all in a single step. When everything is ready to go, just click a button to send the details to UPS, FedEx or USPS.

AcctVantage ERP is fully configured for your specific business before it ships to you, so you can rest assured that it will be optimized to improve your value chain efficiency and that any questions will be answered by the actual people who built the software.

Extraordinary Support

Word on the street is that there’s nothing like AcctVantage when it comes to support. Maybe that’s because we’re an old fashioned company that takes the necessary time to get to know our customers and understand their needs, rather than just put out fires.

Our support staff actually answers the phone and more importantly, actually knows how the system is meant to work. No dial-by-number support or off-shore call centers with us. Just good, old fashioned in-person help when you need it.

Give us a call or join us for an online demonstration to see just how much AcctVantage can do for your business. [Response Time]

Powerful Sales & CRM

Our sales management tools are purpose built for account based customer relations. Your account managers will have everything they need to work with an account right at their fingertips. Sales summaries, contact lists, open quotes and orders, credit history, inventory availability, etc. are all right there so questions can be answered, deals made and orders taken.

Your sales staff will have instant access to what’s on hand, what’s been spoken for and what’s expected to arrive so they can make – and keep – promises for delivery. We offer mobile integrations, making AcctVantage the best accounting software for small business with our simple to use iPad app.

Inventory Intelligence

Does your business have a complex inventory system with multiple vendors, warehouses and/or product SKUs? No worries, our inventory management tools take these into account as well as your sales forecast, vendor lead times, historical sales, production schedules, etc. to help you understand where your inventory will be at any point in the future. We’ll even let you know when it’s time to push slow moving product.

Whether kitting, assembling or simply reselling, AcctVantage ERP gives you the power to have a clear, real-time picture of your inventory and easily plan for the future using powerful analytics. [Features]

Accounting Back Office

We build the best accounting software for small business by integrating sales, purchasing, and general ledger accounting like a dream.

Cash planning, financial reports, credit management… when the operations are tightly bound to the accounting, everything is just that much smoother to manage. AcctVantage offers all the features of traditional accounting software plus an incredibly strong audit trail, multi-department and profit center functionality and no double entries or re-keying. We have focused on the usability and functionality of our accounting module, and its integration with operations, rather than the less-useful aspects like pretty charts and graphs.


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* “Best accounting software for small business” ~ Independent CPA review of AcctVantage and over a half-dozen similar applications, including Quickbooks, Peachtree, Accountedge and Xero. While the statement, best accounting software for small business, applies to accounting, reviewer was commenting on full ERP system, not just accounting modules.
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